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Mountain Organic Natural Icemelter

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Alpine IceBlaster
Extreme Power Effective at temperatures as low as -26°C (-15°F). For use when the extra melting power is needed
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True North Icemelter
"A blend as powerfl as espresso and as economical as borscht"
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Arctic Blue icemelter
Arctic Blue icemelter helps control ice and snow dependably, economically and safely.
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Cliff Brand Maximum® Ice and Snow Melter
Effective in temperatures down to –19 degrees C, Maximum® is not harmful to vegetation, leaves no powdery residue and is less harmful to concrete
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Cliff Brand Blue Heat®
Cliff Brand Blue Heat® is specially formulated for the Canadian winter season, melting ice and snow to temperatures of – 15 degrees C
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Cliff Brand Ultra Melt®
Ultra Melt is produced with all natural ingredients, which makes it safe for the environment and vegetation
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Windsor® Safe-T-Salt®
Melts ice and snow and is suitable for home and industrial use
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Magnesium Chloride Flake

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Environmentally friendly alternative to sodium chloride
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Calcium Chloride Flake
Good for -32C
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